How to upgrade to the latest version


Taro Software recommends you keep your installation of IsItUp updated to the latest version.  This insures you have the latest bug fixes and product updates.  We frequently update IsItUp as we are always adding new features.  Generally, there are two minor updates and one major update per month.  It is easy to update your system and it takes only a few steps.  We suggest you review the News section of our web site to check on the latest features at

 To quickly get started, first:

Download and install IsItUp for a free 30 day trial.  Just click on the following link:


1.      Before you run the install package, we strongly recommend that you make a complete backup of your IsItUp installation.  IsItUp is usually installed at C:\Program Files\Taro Software Inc\IsItUp, however, you can install it wherever you like.

2.      Run the install package.  The install package will detect that IsItUp is already installed and offer to remove or upgrade as shown below.  Take the upgrade option.



3.      That’s it.  Your upgrade is complete.  The first time IsItUp runs, it will automatically upgrade your device file (*.dev) if necessary.  Occasionally, you will get error messages regarding your event log in the lower right window of IsItUp as show below.  This should not happen when upgrading from 7.26 or above.



4.      This problem can easily be corrected.  However it will require you to create a new Event Log.  This means that the Up Time/Down Time, Event Log, and Graphic reports will be restarted from the time you create the new Event Log and your history will be erased. If you made a backup of your old installation, you can still gain access to the old reports by running IsItUp.exe from the backup directory. In order to create a new Event Log, select Setup/System Parameters from the main menu.  Then select the Event Log tab.  It will look as follows:




5.      Just click on the “Create” button to create a new Event Log. 

6.      If you have any issues or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us a .