How do I customize Email and SMS alert messages


It is often useful to customize your Email alerts messages to include only the content that is useful to you.  Since SMS alerts are sent using an Email message, they can be customized in the same way as regular Emails.  For more information about sending SMS alerts via email messages, see .  The default Email alert message contains the name of the device monitor, the date and time the alert was generated, the number of consecutive failures, and the date and time of the last successful test. The message looks as follow:


Device %DeviceName% in %DeviceGroup% Group failed on %CurrentTime%.  The device has failed %NumberOfConsecutiveFailures% consecutive times which exceeds the threshold set for this notification. The last successful test was on : %LastSuccessfulTest%.


Notice the special tokens enclosed by the percent sign (%).  These tokens are translated to their actual values at the time the message is generated.  In addition to the tokens in the message above, there are many more tokens to assist you with customizing the message including monitor specific tokens such as %FreeDiskSpace% and %LastSNMPValue%.


To quickly get started, first:

Download and install IsItUp for a free 30 day trial.  Just click on the following link:


To customize an alert:

1.      Double click on any device monitor in the Device List Window. For example double click on “Sales Web Server” as shown below:




2.      The following screen will be displayed:



3.      Then click on the “Setup Email Notification link in the red box above. The following screen will be displayed



4.      Click on the “Add” button show in red above to add a new mail or SMS alert.  Once you have clicked the “Add” button, the following screen will be displayed :




5.      Click on either the “message down” or the “message up”  “Customize” button to display the message editor. The following screen will be displayed :



6.      You can customize both the subject and the body of the messages in any way you wish including adding any of the available tokens. The complete list of tokens can be selected from the shortcut menu in either the Subject or the Body by simply right clicking as show below:



There are also handy options for the standard editor functions of Cut, Copy, Paste and delete as well as an option to return the message to the default. Note that some of the tokens can only be used with certain monitor types.  If they are used with other monitor types, they will be translated as spaces.