Why you should monitor your system's disk space

Monitoring your system's disk space

Monitoring server disk space is a critical component of successful Network Management. Most application systems use disk space as a critical component. Low disk space can cause unexpected errors and customer frustrations. Many important systems including Exchange, Share Point, and database applications as well as enterprise specific applications rely critically on having sufficient disk space. In addition, the operating system itself relies on disk space to manage virtual memory as well as other functions. IsItUp continuously monitors your disk space and alerts you before applications begin to fail. In addition, IsItUp provides complete reports.

Why you should choose IsItUp to monitor your hard disks

  • You can rely on IsItUp to notify you if disk space becomes too low thus avoiding disasters.
  • You never need to worry about users calling you to complain about running out of space. You can proactively manager disk space to avoid problems before they happen.
  • IsItUp provides a cost effective way to manager your disk space as well as the rest of your network. Sensors are included to monitor disk space, email, web servers and many others all wrapped up in affordable pricing.

For complete instructions on how to setup disk monitoring, please visit How to Setup Disk Space Monitoring