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IsItUp monitors your network 365/7/24 alerting you to problems before they become issues. Get at-a-glance insight into the health of your network by monitoring, alerting, and reporting on the state of key infrastructure.

Monitoring Sensors

A wide variety of monitor sensors are included such as a simple Ping for up/down monitoring to complex Web site and network monitoring. IsItUp keeps track of the health of your network by monitoring your network's infrastructure including Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Services, Disks, CPUs, Memory, Event Logs and  Bandwidth.  IsItUp alerts you before problems become major issues.

Send Mail

Event Log Monitoring

IsItUp can monitor your Windows Event Logs on both your local and remote systems. Since most Windows subsystems and many applications use the Event Log as the primary place to communicate information about their status and operations, system administrators must constantly review a large number of Event Logs on a daily basis. IsItUp relieves this burden by reviewing the Event Logs and alerting system administrators when an event occurs that meets preselected criteria. This makes IsItUp a flexible tool for maintaining your systems health and security.

Round Trip Email Monitoring

Your Email infrastructure is arguable one of the most important elements of your network. This device monitor is designed to insure that your Email Servers are operational whether they are run locally, in the cloud, or you use a hosted Email provider.  It sends a probe message to one or more  Email Servers and makes sure that it replies back in a user specified amount of time. 

ISP Monitoring

Having a reliable internet connection is now virtually a requirement for organizations of all sizes. IsItUp will monitor your internet connection continuously and let you know when it is down. Complete reports are kept for all downtime. If you are only interested in ISP monitoring, an easy setup wizard will get you up and running in under a minute.