How to send a SMS alert to your cell phone?


IsItUp can easily send an alert to your cell phone through the email to SMS gateway of your cell phone provider. All the major cell phone providers have such a gateway.  You can find the email address of your provider’s gateway at  Then just follow the step by steps below.   We suggest you configure IsItUp to have a backup email relay just in case your primary is down.  You might consider one of the public email servers as your backup.  Of course if your network is down, IsItUp would not be able to send an email.  IsItUp also has a paging alert which can be used as a last resort in case the network is down.  The paging alert only requires a regular telephone line and a modem.

To quickly get started, first:

Download and install IsItUp for a free 30 day trial.  Just click on the following link:


Step 1 – Find your SMS to email gateway.

Click on the following link to find your providers gateway.  For example, the email address of Verizon’s gateway is

Step 2 – Setup an SMS alert

Double click on any device monitor in the Device List Window.  For example double click on “Sales Web Server” as shown below:




The following screen will be displayed:



Then click on the “Setup Email Notification.  The following screen will be displayed



Finally, click on the “Add” button.  It will look as follows:


In the example above, if your phone number is 727-555-1245 and Verizon is your wireless carrier, then you would enter in as the email address to send the alert to.  You could also click on the customize buttons to include in the cell phone message only the information you want.


If you have more than one device monitor you want to modify, select them in the Device List Window and right click to display the short cut menu.  Finally select the Bulk Change menu item: